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Feature Film

TV Series

The Women
(Cinema release: 29TH Sept 2017)

When Marriage Sucks
(Post production)
Egg Shells (Post Production)

Twist (Post Production)
Amara (Release date, soon)
Perfect Christmas
Love Lost
Silver Town
One Room
1st Lady
Beyond Redemption
Next Door Nightmare
Don’t Fight It
A few Good Men
Stuck On You
4 One Love
Happy Ending
Remember Me
After The Proposal
Consenting Adults
Maid Of Honour
Time Knock
The Duplex
Stuck In Perfect
Last Flight To Abuja
Perfect Choice
Lucky Joe
London Successor
Easy Money
Echoes Of War
Good Friends

Crazy Lovely Cool (Post Prodution)
Knollywood Knocking (Release date soon)

Lodger (Pilot)
(Season One in Pre-production)

Not So Happily Married (Season 1)
Lekki Wives (Season 1 - 3)
Gidi Up (Season 2 Webseries - YouTube)
Las Gidi Cop (Season 1)
Duplicity (Season 1)
Calabash (Season 1)
Plus 234 (Season 1)
Emerald (Season 1)
Tinsel (Season 5)
Quick Sand (Season 1)